Sunny Day

AgriEnergy’s Renew Agriculture Program


Our mission is simple

To deliver low cost energy and the ability to lock in fixed energy pricing that can be relied on.

As an energy generator and retailer, AgriEnergy designs, engineers and commissions customised solar PV arrays for agriculture as our core business.

Using only proven tier one technology with long warranties and minimal maintenance means that; once commissioned, the system has a long life, with little costs and represents a long term surety of energy supply with transparent and substantial cost saving.


 AgriEnergy’s Renew Agriculture Program

Uses and its innovative Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) business model provides farmers with:

  • Low energy costs with ZERO capital contribution.
  • Immediate savings over current supply arrangements;
  • Price surety and resilience over the long term;
  • Makes business more cost competitive and sustainable;
  • Enhanced brand to complement the Tasmanian clean green image; and
  • Enables a competitive business advantage.

AgriEnergy’s Solar PPA is a hedge against consistent price rises providing long term cost transparency and asset ownership at the end of the PPA term. 

AgriEnergy’s customised Solar PV arrays comprise proven tier one technology with no moving parts that generate energy from the sun. Once commissioned, it has a very low operating and maintenance cost and represents a long term surety of energy supply.


Energy surety & pricing is a growing agricultural concern


AgriEnergy’s innovative Solar PPA is a financial instrument that delivers a long-term energy priced contract which can save energy costs in the order of $500,000 over 20 years.

After a typical 15 year PPA term ownership passes to the customer where cost savings really accelerate and the following 5 year savings are typically equivalent to the previous 15 years.

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